A List of WooCommerce Pages and UX for Designers and Developers

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I find clients and designers frequently perplexed by the time and cost commitment for a custom WooCommerce site. WooCommerce has quite a few pages and interactions that need to be designed, then customized and styled, so I came up with this quick list of all the pages and UX in an out-of-the-box WooCommerce installation for quick reference. These pages are not all strictly required and I may have omitted one or two. Please leave a comment if you see any errors or omissions and I will keep this listing current as WooCommerce evolves.

List of WooCommerce Pages

  • Catalog page
  • Product page
    • In stock and out of stock/unavailable
    • Optional upsells/crosssells
  • Cart page
    • Optional upsells/crosssells
  • Checkout page
    • Optional upsells/crosssells
  • Login/Register
  • Forgot Password (2 pages total)
    • One page to enter email/username
    • Customer receives an email with a link to the actual password reset page which is a separate form
  • Change Password
  • My Account (dashboard)
  • View Past Orders
  • Edit Address
  • Order Received Success
  • Order/Payment Failure
  • Payment Page (Customers receive an email if their payment fails—or if the store owner manually creates an order that needs to be paid for—with a link to this page which is separate from Checkout)

Email Templates

WooCommerce also comes with some great email templates which can be customized:

  • New Order
  • Order Processing
  • Order Complete
  • Note Added to Order

But Wait, There’s More!

  • Interactions (e.g., what happens when a product is added to a visitor’s shopping cart?)
  • Feedback and error messages (e.g., add to cart success, payment failure, password reset failure, login failure, etc.)

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