How to View and Style the WordPress Reset Password Form

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If you want your admin experience to match your frontend branding then there are several forms you need to style:

  1. Log In form (
  2. Lost Password form  (
  3. Lost Password form confirmation (
  4. Reset Password form make edits then visit(<ANY_VALID_USERNAME>)
  5. Password Reset success (https://domain/wp-login.php?action=resetpass)

You may have trouble when figuring out how to view and style the WordPress Reset Password form. The Reset Password form and Password Reset success form will be tricky to view if you’re developing locally with an AMP stack. There are a few lines you can comment out from wp-login.php to be able to view those forms quickly and ensure they’re styled correctly: lines 580, 583, and 586-93.

Remember that file is a core file, so undo any changes you make to it because they’ll be lost when WordPress gets updated.


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